Call me maybe?

Too shy to post a comment? 

Awww go on, join in the fun. You’ll be surprised how nice people are. But if it’s too personal, and you still want to respond to something, feel free to email me.

Got an idea for a blog? 

I have no idea how I’ve been going this long to be honest, as I’m not one for continuing a project once started. AND I still have days, if not WEEKS worth of ideas. But I fear that such kiwinspiration (see what I did there? Yeah, it was bad) will some day run away with the circus. Or, more likely, its two year visa will run out and it’ll be deported back to NZ. So if you’re a kiwi in London, or a foreigner in Londoner (*scoff*, who isn’t?) feel free to email me your topic suggestions.

Would you like to give me a job? 

You must be super awesome and you should get a prize… which is me, working for you. You can see me on LinkedIn or email me.


3 thoughts on “Call me maybe?

  1. The Hook

    You should write about the Doctor Who phenomenon in England. The Doctor is huge in North America, so he must be revered as a god over there!
    If you’re not a Whovian, you could add an outsider’s persepctive that most people could relate to.

    1. shapelle Post author

      Well, I was not a Whovian when I came here (through ignorance, not hatred) but I’ve since been introduced by my fellow quizlings, and I recently went to a Dr Who evening where they played three of the scariest eps back to back and had a Q&A with one of the writers. Every time I watch with others I adore, but I never think to (totally legally ahem) stream/download on my own. For some reason Dr Who seems to be a shared experience to me. No idea why! Perhaps I’m a social Whovian?


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