Wondering what’s the dealio with this random blog you’ve stumbled on that says the word ‘Kiwi’ about 6312 times? Well so am I! To clarify (or muddy) the waters, here are some (not so) frequently asked questions (but you never know right?).

Who are you?

I’m a girl (ahem, I mean wo-man) somehow suddenly in my mid-late twenties and watching my late twenties approach like a freaking meteor that not even Bruce Willis can stop; I’m from a little bit all over NZ (Auckland-Dunedin-Wellington) but consider Dunedin the homeland as that’s where the mothership is; I’m from a family of very nice crazy people who I think are a tad disappointed that I’m just weird and there’s no medication for that; my name sounds like the French for a little church but it is most definitely not – just the product of silly teenage parents who couldn’t even canoodle once without getting knocked up; I live in London at the moment on a limited-time-only deal, and jaysus I’m tryna make this time count, but sometimes that makes it hard to be a normal human being, and sleep, and smile, and not drink tooo much wine. So I think that’s why I’m here. Sharing is caring right?

What’s with the title?
The population of London is around 8 million, but there are about 12 million in the city on any one day, once you include non-permanent residents. Since I am going to be kicked out of the country after two years, I feel like I belong to that temporary population of comers and goers, and am one of the 12, more than one of the 8.

What are your greatest fears/pet peeves/loves?


Squidees and anything else with tentacles, or that is a tentacle (e.g. eels); medium sized heights (thanks to an injury incurred jumping off a not-very-large thing); having regrets; my terrifying horror-movie basement; balloons (“They are filled with the capacity to give me a little fright, and I find that unbearable); umbrellas (take previous quote and replace ‘fright’ with ‘poke in the eye’ and you get the picture); and boredom.

Pet Peeves

Tights as pants; people who change their profile pics every ten minutes; knocking something over when I’m PMS-ing (why must I be clumsy AND angry?!); people who say ‘disorientated’ (it’s disoriented!); people who don’t understand that language = usage (yeah, okay, disorientated then, whatevs).

Small Joys

Getting caught in extreme downpours; men-folk in cuddly jerseys; the first glass of NZ Sav after a day of battling boss/commuters/fundraisers/overly-chipper-people; hanging out with my favourite people who bring out my favourite things in myself; discovering a new love (on the internet/in real life/of another person).

How can I show my love for you?

Wow, shucks! I believe in internet Karma – I’ve never googled ‘hiiiiiilarious geek comic’ or ’emotions in words and Paint drawings’ or ‘things that perfectly express other things I love and/or hate’. And yet I have found so many of those things on the interwebs through links on facey, blogs, news articles, and awesome things linking to other awesome things. So if you like, share the love with someone else.

Can I hire you?

Do you live in London? More importantly, do you work in London and have a job going? Is it fun/exciting/well-paid/worthwhile/full of interesting/stimulating people? Could I be good at it? Will you even pay me? Jeepers, what are you waiting for? Send me an email!!!

How do you find time for all your shenanigans?

I don’t sleep a whole lot at the moment. Every so often I stay in and do nothing. I call those days Mondays – recover from the weekend, prepare for the week.

How do you afford all your shenanigans?

I do not. In fact, for the first time ever in my life, I am living outside my income. It is a terrifying prospect to watch the bank account going DOWN every week instead of up. This is why you should give me money and/or work. I have to remember, this is what I saved for, to live this crazy life. But when I think of all those coffees and diet cokes that could have been shows and day trips…..

Do you like…. stuff?

Yes I do like a lot of stuff. When filling out that awkward part of my CV listing ‘hobbies’ I just don’t quite know how to explain that I’m what I’ve dubbed a ‘media junky’. I hoard things I love in various genres and am always open to new addictions… books of all varieties, movies, tv series, podcasts (can’t imagine my life without Josh and Chuck), audio series, music, art, comics, news, games, puzzles, and blogs. More than anything I love that these comprise an inner life that makes me feel silently connected with the rest of the world-wide-weirdos, as well as an outer life when I share and discuss and debate these with (gasp) real life people!

Do you have a question for me? Do you know something about me that you think I should share? As long as it’s not ‘I know what you did last Summer’ (what happens in Russia stays in Russia, okay?), hit me up on my contact page!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. MaximumWage

    You know, you’re a pretty woman and so you should just consider marrying a British dude in less than 14 months. Just throwing that out there in case you haven’t thought of it yet.

    1. shapelle Post author

      Ahh, are you blog-stalking me while I’m stalking you? I was just about to nom you for a Liebster good sir. A compliment to return yours?

      1. MaximumWage

        There is no need to return my compliment young lady as it appears I got 1 hit from your website. You’ve already returned my compliment with interest. And yes I was blog stalking the fuck out of you.

        1. shapelle Post author

          Ha I don’t care I’m doing it anyway. Post’s already written and I’m lazy. Aaaand you can ignore it! Stalk away sir, it’s not creepy at all. Creepy? Who said anything about creepy? Awkward.

  2. Adam S

    I saw my name under the words, “wicked cool”

    …So I thought I would take this ooportunity to say that you’re damn right about that.

    Oh, and thank you! \m/


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