Just *gif love a chance

Hell to the YEAH! The following is a totally ‘gay’ celebration of progress and happiness, as told by pictures. Some of them are moving. It’s like Harry Potter in here. If Harry Potter was super gay and magically happy! ACCIO PROGRESS!

The Marriage Equality Act passed in New Zealand parliament today with a 77-44 easy win.

Dance dance dance!

This wasn’t exactly a surprise, considering the previous readings were pretty clear majorities as well. For once we’re not the first in the world either – just a lucky number 13. We’ve had civil union since 2005, but this still held back certain rights legal, medical, and reproductive. But no more!

But two parents who actively want a kid are clearly going to destroy that child, right? Coz homo is contagious?

I’ll admit up front that I’m biased because I have two Mums. Yes, okay, I technically have a Father. Fuck you genetics. But he long ago rescinded his parental rights for the foreseeable ever.

What I do have is an ‘Other Mother’ as I call her, and I’m her ‘Sorta Daughter’. I made that up when I was ten and it stuck – cute huh? Blood relatives are great if you can get ’em, and if they’re kind, lovely people who treat you right. But what I think is also awesome are the people who choose to love you even if they don’t *have* to.

‘Gay’ is not contagious. What is contagious is either hatred or open-mindedness. Growing up with a variety of different types of people in my life made me open to new ideas and lifestyles. It did not make me gay or any other particular ‘type’ of person I saw in action. The effect it did have was to show me that many lifestyles, aspirations, and types of people were all wonderful and acceptable, and whatever of them I turned out to be would be okay. Not always easy, but okay.

Sadly, there are a bunch of fucktards whose ideas are so incredibly incomprehensible that I struggle to even begin. I don’t expect everyone to have the same opinions as me, but to the supporters of Protect Marriage NZ such as this guy:


I say:

Since I’m behind the curve due to the time diff (coz NZ is ahead of the rest of the world EVEN when it’s coming in number 13), I was all ‘COMMENT ON ALL THE STATUSES!’ because:

But that took me a really long time, because everyone on my facebook feed was all ‘Go NZ! You did it! Down with hate, up with love! Rrrrrespect for (most of) our politicians!’ etc ad awesomeness.

Not a single person on my feed was anti, or if they had little weird feelings in their little weird brains, they recognised them for an irrational piece of prejudice that they should deal with privately and certainly not publicise to the i-world.

During the campaigning I dug a lot of the pro-law-change websites that were all sarcastically like ‘how the world will change if gay people get married’ (cue blank screen) and ‘how gay marriage will effect you’ (cue blank post).

But now that the law has passed, I have to disagree. Maybe you won’t see it straight away. Maybe this is just a stepping stone. But it sure is a step in the right direction.

This will affect your life, whether you realise it or not, because the world is moving forward, despite the efforts of some to drag themselves and the rest of the world back into the dark ages.

Being allowed to marry their love may not help a gay person being beaten up behind a club or stop the offensive stereotypes on TV or end people who are different being exhiled from their communities. The Marriage Equality Act can’t eradicate douchebags, or change their opinions on two members of the same sex getting married, but as a tiny little super important starting point it has said:

So fucking deal with it.




*Title credit to the fabulous saradraws (see below). Yeah, I stole it. It’s called a collabo. Deal with it.

21 thoughts on “Just *gif love a chance

        1. Le Clown

          It’s at the grocery store, Haagen-Dazs on special, for change. I will eat as many as I want, as if it was broccoli wrapped in tofu, sparkled with edemame beans.
          Le Clown

          1. shapelle Post author

            I guess I can’t complain, I did just have some Haagen-Dazs in Amsterdam this weekend (HOW international!). But I would KILL (plants) for some brocoli!

            1. Le Clown

              It’s out of context, but Sara loves animated GIF. She will sit with Haagen-Dazs, in front on the computer, and watch some, until our daughter cries of hunger.
              Le Clown

  1. jo mckenzie

    Love, love, love this Sha. You’re right, it won’t defend people from bigotry and closed mindedness but it makes a difference when something becomes law. I’m proud to be one of your mothers! Love you xxx

  2. shmennikins

    I just thought the start of Grant Robertson’s speech was so powerful, when he talked about being a 13-year old in Dunedin and cutting out the names of the MPs who voted in favour of decriminalising homosexuality, because those were the people who were going to make his life better. And that’s what it was about – making life better and fairer for some people, and changing not a single thing for everyone else (except more warm fuzzies and weddings and rainbow decor, none of which is less than awesome).
    To hear Parliament say ‘you may be marginalised by the ignorant and backwards, but we recognise your right to participate as fully as everyone else in society’ – that must mean a lot to other queer or questioning 13-year olds out there (and everyone else besides).

    1. shapelle Post author

      Yes and YES! And it means a lot to me to be part of a society that thinks that giving that 13 year old some hope for the future is important. Rainbows for all!

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