Haikus: the forgotten masterpieces

Since I’m away with the folks I’m breaking out the drafts I never published. Round one: taking it back to my haiku roots, from right after losing my job and before the sun came out again after 8 months of darkness…


I wrote some haikus
In my head the other day
But then I forgot them.

I think that I started
Berating my nemesis:
Fuck unemployment.

‘Have a job’ they said
‘It’ll be awesome’ they said
But it was a LIE.

Or maybe it was
About the endless season
Rain, hail, but no shine.

Winter is coming
But can’t seem to quite get there
Wish he’d just fake it.

Maybe just an ode
To my two favourite bevvies
Coffee and Vino.

Oh how I love it
When you slide down my gullet
Get in me my friends.

If I could recall
Those other masterpieces
This would be better

But since I cannot
Let’s hang our heads together
At these lame haikus.

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