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New Years Resolutions: be a better person or watch Doctor Who?

Whoops! This post was scheduled to publish on December 30 when I was in the middle of the Sahara in Morocco, marveling at the glorious stars in the desert sky. For some reason, it’s still sitting here in Drafts, so here are my belated resolutions. True Fact: I’ve already broken one of them. 1000 internets to the first person who comments which one. Hint: If you know or read me, it won’t be difficult to guess!


I’m not really that into New Years Resolutions.

I kinda agree with my ex FH, who always said that if it was worth putting off til a certain date, it wasn’t worth much to you. If it was necessary, and important, you would do it RIGHT NOW, TODAY.  Pretty sure he was badly quoting someone famous (let’s face it, it was probably Oprah), and he applied the same reasoning to why we shouldn’t do Valentine’s Day (you shouldn’t need to be told to show your loved one that you love them). But I’ll let him have it.

Anyways, I’m not going to tell you my New Year’s Resolution is to stop drinking, lose weight, run a marathon, learn to knit, learn French, save money, buy a house, be a better person. None of those things are gonna happen. Except maybe that last one. Should I quit the complaining about people/things/life on this blog maybe? Nawwwww.

The only resolutions I ever make are ones that could actually, potentially, maybe succeed. I’ve been known to stretch this a tad, with best intentions, and calendars to cross off the successful days, and reward systems. Gold stars are my friend.

But this year, what do I see ahead? For a long time, I’ve had particular things in particular years to work towards. 2008 was honours year, final year, three jobs to fit around a dissertation. 2009 was graduation, full time job, new city, start of a career. 2010 was working up the ladder, travel plans, saving. 2011 was leaving the country, a three month trip, a whole new world. 2012 was save, sell, pack, move, say goodbye to old job, old flat, old life, my family and friends, and find new all of the above.

What will 2013 be? For the first time in a long time, it could almost be settled. If I had a job that is. Once that hurdle’s jumped over and hopefully not knocked down, the whole year looks… predictable. I’ll be in London. The whole year. Unlike 2012 when I moved here, and 2014 when I will be turfed back to the homeland summarily. I don’t have to start my life again, I just have to continue it.

Maybe I can have some resolutions that don’t include ‘move to the other side of the world’ or ‘sell all my belongings’ or ‘say goodbye’. So here’s to not-as-new years, and here’s to the small goals in life! Cheers!

2013 resolutions:

  • Go down into my scary basement (seriously, horror-movie worthy)
  • Post a blog at least once a week (do I have 52 new blogs about being a Kiwi in London? Hell yeah! Though it may take an ‘Unemployed Kiwi in London’ turn for a wee bit, be warned)
  • Cook a meal (not involving the microwave) in my own house at least… aww jees, once would be an improvement!
  • Don’t accumulate unnecessaries (I’m so sick of getting rid of things after my epic sell-my-life on TradeMe phase, and I’ve gotta keep in mind the return trip)
  • E-bay the unnecessaries that have already wormed their way into my room (I learnt the lesson that having less belongings is freeing, and I want to remember it before the consumer tide rushes in again)
  • On that note, stop accumulating free tube magazines – read ’em or recycle ’em. There’s a shelf starting to look like it belongs on Hoarders over here!
  • Stop watching Dexter reruns
  • Start watching Doctor Who (that one’s for you JJ)
  • Re-stop biting nails (bit cheaty this one, I’m already back outa the danger zone, but not quite back to nail-painting standards yet)
  • Don’t buy any booze from the closest corner store (using my laziness against me)
  • Go swimming (it would be really easy not to in a year in London – have you seen the Thames? Urgh)
  • Don’t feed the trolls (it’s what they want!) and don’t try to educate people on Facebook (just hide the posts, hide the posts!)
  • Be nicer to annoying people, especially to their annoying faces
  • Ride a roller-coaster (a proper one – must have a loop). This was on my 2011 travel list, with my eye on Vienna’s Prater Park, but it was thunder and lightening, so the only rides open were under cover. I’ve since been on a coupla rides that definitely surpass a coaster (like this one – skip to 2:30), but it’s still gotta be done!
  • Read at least a book a month. This is an extremely low goal, as I keep failing at anywhere near the 50 I used to do a year, so I’m trying to be realistic. And only buy/keep ones that are special enough to ship home (like the 1902 Dickens I just got!)
  • Meet ten people who are born and bred ‘Londoners’ (I have met two in six months so this might be hard)
  • Get out of London at least… let’s say every two months (new countries preferred, but budget dependent)
  • Do a free activity every week. A show, an outdoor movie, a market, a festival, an exhibition… anything with the operative word ‘FREE’ in front of it in red in the Timeout mag.

Small goals indeed, I know! But maybe I can tick a few of them off while attempting GOAL #1: Get a Job in January. Otherwise it’ll be GOAL #2: Find a Good Begging Corner.

3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions: be a better person or watch Doctor Who?

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  2. shmennikins

    These are all excellent ideas (especially the Dr Who one). I may have to do the same, and pin it up somewhere once I arrive – I did similarly before leaving and was quite successful in ticking things off, if only because when I got up of a Saturday and thought ‘ho hum, bored, what to do’ I had a whole list of stuff I both wanted and felt obligated to do. 🙂

    1. shapelle Post author

      You were very good right at the end (the first end) and so is LD at the mo. I hope you’ve still got that list if there are things you didn’t get to! I wanna do things here and now to both stave off the SAD and avoid the last min panic next year before leaving.


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