Vignette: Kids These Days

Walking to work today I witnessed a cute moment when two girls walking down the street towards me exchanged friendship bracelets and tied them on to each other’s wrists. Who knew this decades-old tradition was still alive and well? I would have thought such nostalgic friendship-asserters had gone the way of those broken heart necklaces with Be- Fri- on one half and -st -ends on the other (totally had one of those – or rather half of one with SB).

Walking home from work, I was nearly knocked down by a power-walking miniature of a VIP business woman in a hurry to get to her important places. I would have thought this creature only ten years old if I hadn’t heard her speak, but perhaps she was a small 12 year old. As she bustled past me she orated forcefully into her purple-cased i-phone in an exasperated fashion (cue poncy English accent): “But Milly, you must be in the wrong place – what does the sign actually say?!” 

What is wrong with kids these days? And when did I get old enough to say that?!

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